Welcome in CYBERRC!

@cyberrc Jan 31, 2023

We accept orders around the clock. We answer emails as soon as possible every day.

minimal order amount is 100 EUR


We offer an anonymous form of payment Monero. It is a 100% anonymous form of payment. Let's respect each other's privacy and everyone will be satisfied with the cooperation for a long time.In the payment tab we show instructions on how to buy monero quickly

Only high quality products

We offer products with the highest possible purity that are available on the market

All products undergo laboratory testing

Our products:

- 3cmc glass
- 4cmc
- 4mmc 

Express Shipping

a dream catcher
a dream catcher
a dream catcher


We supply our products only within the European Union. We make no exceptions. Before placing an order, please check the law in your country on the legality of the products you wish to order.

We do not accept product returns!

If for our reasons the shipped package does not reach you we guarantee 100% reship. Experience tells us that 100% of packages arrive in full :-) That's why we ask for thoughtful purchases and delivery addresses.

For every 100 euro spent, you get FREE!

For every 100 euro spent, a free 4g of very pure 4CMC! The offered reagents are not suitable for human or animal consumption. They should be kept away from children. store does not take any responsibility for the use of the products contrary to their intended use. By ordering through, you accept the above terms and conditions.